Electric Current Day 5


Electrical Safety

  • Safety notes and guided reading.
  • Tops Fuse Bang Steel Wool.
  • Brainpop Current Electricity
  • Brainpop Electric Circuits
  • Quia Electricity Review And

    SCA 09-Electric Current

    Final Exam Review Games:

    Collected Work: Lab sheets


    SciFi Book Project AssignmentSciFiRubric, due tomorrow Friday, May 21st.

    Make-Up Work/Extra-Credit:

    Select an assignment that matches the subject of your missing or incomplete work:

    1. Atoms,
    2. Waves,
    3. Sound ,
    4. Electromagnetic Waves
    5. Light,
    6. Magnetism
    7. Static Electricity
    8. Current
    9. _____________________________________________________________

    Bell Ringer: Quizlette?


    Class notes: Copy into spiral notebook:

    Matter of the day: Fuses


    What is it?: 

    A device that is designed to burn out or blow out when too much current is flowing in a circuit. Usually made of a thin wire like a light-bulb filament.

    Why does it matter?.

    Keeps electronics from blowing up and starting fires.

    Matter of the day: GFCI Outlets


    What is it?:

    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt Circuits. A device that breaks the flow of electricity if it senses that electricity is leaving the circuit, like a hair dryer in water.

    Why does it matter?.

    Keeps electronics from shorting out and electrocuting people.



    Circuit:a a path that allows electrons to flow. Parallel circuit: devices that are wired side by side.

    Series circuit: devices that are wired one after another.

    Device: any object that works in a circuit.

    Switch: a device that opens or closes a circuit.

    Resistor:a material that slows that flow of electrons.

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