Atoms Day 1


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Matter of the dayhydrogen atom


H   a proton with an electron buzzing around.

What is it?: The smallest atom or element.

Why does it matter? It has the least number of parts.



(matter: anything stuff (has mass) that takes up space (volume).)

(substance: a type of matter.)

*mass: how much matter there is.

*proton: a positive part of a hydrogen atom

*electron: a negative part of a hydrogen atom


16.A pure substance is stuff made of only one kind of matter with definite properties.(i.e. sugar, salt, iron, & copper.)
17.Three states of matter are: Solid, Liquid, and Gas. Matter will change from one state to another if thermal energy is absorbed or released. (i.e. heat solid ice and itbecomes liquid water.)
18.Some pure substances, called elements, cannot be broken down into othersubstances by any chemical means. (i.e. iron, copper, gold, carbon, & chlorine.)
19.An atom is the smallest particle of a substance (matter.)
20.The nucleus in the center of the atom made of protons & neutrons.

  • The outside is the electron cloud

21.Protons are tiny positively charged particles.
22.Electrons are tiny negatively charged particles that are found in orbit around thenucleus.
23.A molecule is a group of atoms that are joined together and act as a single unit.(i.e. a water molecule is made of 2 hydrogen atoms tied to 1 oxygen atom: H2O.)
24.Physical changes change the form of a substance, but not its identity. (i.e. ice issolid water, a crushed can is still a can.)
25.In chemical changes one or more substances combine or break apart to formnew substances. (i.e. burned wood becomes charcoal and carbon dioxide gas.)
26.Volume is the amount of space that matter occupies. (i.e. a 2-Liter bottle of soda)
27.A solid has a definite volume and a definite shape. (i.e. spilled rocks look the sameas in a glass.)
28.A liquid has no definite shape of its own, but has a definite volume. (i.e. watertakes the form of the bottle it’s in and spreads out when spilled.)

30.A Gas has no definite shape of its own and can change volume easily. (i.e. askunk’s spray on a dog fills a room quickly.)
31.The elements can be arranged by similarities in the Periodic Table of the Elements. Elements in the same column react similarly. Elements in the same rowhave similar electron levels.

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