Torgerson Today’s Agenda


Get Started

  1. Study Portal Resources (videos, books, games, brainpops, interactives, etc. for 30 minutes
    1. Quia Games- A03 Moiton

Exit Slip:
  1. Unit Overview Vocabulary
  2. Measuring Motion – 3 Methods
  3. GizmosGizmos Measuring Motion Packet page 12 calculate speed Write-Up
  4. Motion of a Balloon Write-Up
  5. Forces & EnergyAcceleration Textbook  & Audiobook
  6. Acceleration Guided Reading
  7. Acceleration Adapted Reading
  8. The Moving Man The Moving Man Click on the charts tab to see the graphs. Move the man at different velocities (speeds) by grabbing the red velocity control. Watch the blue position line (distance vs time.) and note the slope.
  9.  Complete Packet Pages 13 & 14.
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